Gym gear ……”Rags or Riches”

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have been told by friends that I can, on occasion, resemble a bag lady. A
work colleague just pulled a Ferraro Rocher sticker out of my hair.
Yesterday I went to the gym and changed from a sweat shirt, trackie pants
and runners to a full other set of gear to work out in, but hey I’m a
physio, half my wardrobe is from a sports shop! Don’t get me wrong, I love
ramping up the glamour factor, but day-to-day, brushing my hair is usually
all that I manage.

Gym ready!

Gym ready!

So looking good while exercising? It isn’t on my radar while in the
gym/yoga class/run/cycle to look ‘good’. It’s about achieving, I want to
run longer, cycle further, move gracefully etc and that usually results in
a purple sweaty mess. So short and sweet- what you wear while exercising is
less important than what you do. Work hard. Wear gear that allows that to
happen. As a woman a good sports bra is essential – have a no jiggle
policy. It’s too painful not to! The only other important item is a hair

However if you are that women who can look amazing while working up a
sweat, I am jealous, drop me a few tips!

Author: Joanne Dowds MISCP

  1. runsonsyrup says:

    I’m like you, girl — sweatpants, scrubs, or running clothes. My husband is a lucky man 😉 I dress up once in awhile when we go out, but mainly, I want to be comfortable!

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